Scott Benningfield is a very talented singer/songwriter, low-down
dirty guitarist and "gespacho party throwing fool" friend of mine.
Scott has his own great release that I'm proud to be a part of. It's
called "The Acoustic Lighthouse Experiment" and it's available
in many stores around Louisville, Ky. and at any of Scott's performances as well as online at CD Baby.
This recording is very atmospheric and gritty. Scott has a very unique
singing and writing style that I'm certain will delight you! I'm a fan!
We recorded this over a couple of months in my basement with very minimal
equipment to get a interestingly intimate sound.
Scott really delivers the goods on "Aphelion" and "Let" will leave you
slack jawed with it's sparse and violent guitar work. "Box in the Road" does it for me on every level. Contact me, if you gotta have it. We'll work something out.
I can't wait for another release from Scott!


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