Musicians I currently dig!  (Amazingly soulful guitarist/composer. Let him inside your head!)  (Wow! He's too good to explain! You just need to listen!!!)  (Phil's guitar knows no boundaries! Unbelievable!)  (The extraordinary group, Oregon. Complete musicians!)  (The super banjo of Bela Fleck!)  (His playing cannot be classified!)  (Jerry's dobro playing will break your heart... He's the Master!) (Whoa! Weird and wonderful music from one of my favorite players!)  (What an amazing and inspiring musician!)  (Great band lead by a great drummer!)  (Incredibly melodic and soulful guitarist. Stand back!!!)
Instruments I currently use!  (Maker's of those fabulous Fly guitars.)  (I play an awesome GB10 jazz guitar of theirs and a great bass as well.)  (THE acoustic guitar.) (The BEST guitar ever!)

Various stuff you may use and enjoy...  (A comic strip by my pal and artist extrordinaire, David Brousseau!)  (The place to find out about the world's greatest musicians!)  (A place to discover new music and buy my cd there, as well.)


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