Howdy! I'm Carl Clark... Nice to meet you.

I play a wide range of music. My songs cover everything from blues to country,and jazz to rock and roll. I like to combine them in ways that please the ear. I hope you haven't heard anything like it before... Well, maybe not too much like it... It's awfully hard not to sound like someone who's gone before you. But, I want you to know I try real hard to sound like me (most of the time)

Now, I'm gonna be honest with you... Some people don't like my work (gasp!) But, I hope you will find it intriguing, exciting, and wonderful! However, you should be aware that I strive to make each song a unique experience. I want to make music that indulges your intellect as well as your soul. Hopefully, my tunes will, at the very least, twist a smile or cause the raised eyebrow of a shared circumstance.

Anyway, I mostly play guitar (all varieties), and can plunk down a little piano when asked. I claim to be a singer-songwriter and can stay remarkably calm when such claims are questioned. You may uncover my fascination towards the relationship of the normal to the absurd. I like to write about the inside of the outsider, the under-belly of the over-achiever, and the effects of love on the unaffected. Where does all this come from? Who can say? Maybe I'm just an innocent bystander with a guilty mind. Won't you join me?

My name is Carl Clark.
My cd is "Strangely Delicious Stew".
Thank you for listening.




Carl's Bio