By Vance Lamont
Carl Clark began his career in music, while serving a seven year
sentence, at the infamous Central Kentucky Prison. At the end of his first year
he formed an all vocal group, in the doo wop tradition, aptly named "The Perpetrators."
The group preformed regularly in the mess hall and yard before disbanding in 1989.
Their two most requested tunes were, "While My Guard's Not Watchin'"
and "There's Gonna Be a Riot!"
Out of the ashes of that group (literally: the harmony vocalist was sent to the chair)
Clark formed a rock power trio named "Assault." A few personnel changes later and the
group transformed into a trip hop acid jazz outfit known as "Assault with Intent to Thrill."
This band was able to tour the South's minimum security prisons in '93. The show was a
true spectacle, dazzling captive audiences. Tunes like " When I Get Out" and the tender
"Ain't Never Goin' Back" and the rowdy "My Life Ain't Worth a Pack of Cigarettes"
always entertained and satisfied. The band would perform live in an actual
chain gang style- each musician shackled to the other. Clark can see the humor in it now,
stating "I still have a wound on my ankle that won't heal. I was always chained to the
damn drummer!" The tour was cut short, and for reasons pertaining to current litigation,
Clark cannot say why. Although, off the record, he told this reporter it had to do with a
certain warden's wife in Alabama and her Fender guitar strap fetish.
In 1994, his last year in prison, Clark's music took another twist. He formed two
projects simultaneously. The first, a Rap-Gospel group called "Breakout." This group
won over critics with the touching "Time Off (For Good Behavior)." He was last seen
playing Dobro in a Country-Swing group dubbed "Tunnel Vision."
These last groups seemed to foreshadow Clark's intentions. With only 3 months
time left to serve, he somehow walked right out the front door of Central Prison, and
was never seen again. Until now...
If you've made it this far, you're quite a trooper! Click here for the real life story!



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