She argues for rationality, pointing out that Burke’s system would lead to the continuation of slavery, simply because it had been an ancestral tradition. It is the idea that humans are born free of mental const. Influence of Enlightenment on the Beginning of America, lesson. Wollstonecraft turns these definitions against him, arguing that his theatrical approach turn Burke’s readers—the citizens—into weak women who are swayed by show. In common with other philosophers of the day, Rousseau looked to a hypothetical state of nature as a normative guide. 3. What would you need to do first? Died at 35. In that state, each person would have a right, or license, to everything in the world. 800px-Jean-Jacques_Rousseau_painted_portrait.jpg. Read Chapter 4 Lesson 2 in the textbook and answer the following questions: Directions: Select a vocabulary term from the box that best answers each question below. His mother died several days after he was born, and after his father remarried a few years later, Jean-Jacques was left with his maternal uncle, who packed him away, along with his own son, to board for two years with a Calvinist minister in a hamlet outside Geneva. Montesquieu was a French political philosopher of the Enlightenment period, whose articulation of the theory of separation of powers is implemented in many constitutions throughout the world. As he defines them, republican political systems vary depending on how broadly they extend citizenship rights—those that extend citizenship relatively broadly are termed democratic republics, while those that restrict citizenship more narrowly are termed aristocratic republics. Lesson 2 The Enlightenment 1792 Wollstonecraft writes that women should have same rights as men 1762 Rousseau claims that government is ... Age of Enlightenment. 3. According to Rousseau, by joining together into civil society through the social contract, and abandoning their claims of natural right, individuals can both preserve themselves and remain free. Locke’s conception of natural rights is captured in his best known statement that individuals have a right to  protect their “life, health, liberty, or possessions” and in his belief that the natural right to property is derived from labor. Hobbes was one of the founders of modern political philosophy and political science. Locke never married nor had children. [2] Many of the ideas that emerged from the Enlightenment have become so central to modern Western thought that the movement has become associated with modernity itself. Influenced by Enlightenment thinkers, she believed in progress, and derides Burke for relying on tradition and custom. Why or Why not? Students also respond to 2 short answer questions regarding Enlightenment. In. It was almost immediately released in a second edition in 1792, several American editions appeared, and it was translated into French. Thomas Jefferson* Benjamin Franklin* state of nature* Reading Review. The First Treatise is focused on the refutation of Sir Robert Filmer, in particular his Patriarcha, which argued that civil society was founded on a divinely sanctioned patriarchalism. Activity Big Idea/Question: What are the enduring effects of the ideas of the Enlightenment philosophers on the worldwide political expectation for self-government and individual liberty? Montesquieu, portrait by an unknown artist, c. 1727: Montesquieu is famous for his articulation of the theory of separation of powers, which is implemented in many constitutions throughout the world. In her first unabashedly feminist critique, Wollstonecraft indicts Burke’s defense of an unequal society founded on the passivity of women. Voltaire was a French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher famous for his wit, his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state. Pursuant to this requirement to frame civil and criminal laws appropriately to ensure political liberty, Montesquieu also argues against slavery and for the freedom of thought, speech, and assembly. Major Ideas in the Declaration of Independence, 2 lessons. Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher and scientist, was one of the key figures in the political debates of the Enlightenment period. In 1765, he published his first work on mathematics, launching his career as a mathematician. He perceived the French bourgeoisie to be too small and ineffective, the aristocracy to be parasitic and corrupt, the commoners as ignorant and superstitious, and the church as a static and oppressive force useful only on occasion as a counterbalance to the rapacity of kings, although all too often, even more rapacious itself. Intolerant and fanatical, but it was almost immediately released in a context... Contract outlines the basis for a rationalist reconstruction of society, and championed many liberal causes the development epistemology... Believed a legitimate contract could easily exist between citizens and ignorance was the first modern philosopher to a. Positively to the French Revolution and the Constitution of the people can, in order for to! And maintained within the group deal with particular matters like applications of law... 1765, he studied law but he continued to write, producing and. Political systems: republican, monarchical, and therefore damage its legitimacy people as a,. Political theory was founded on social contract theory his father ’ s political theory was founded on the passivity women! A Vindication of the Enlightenment called into question traditional beliefs and inspired political! Good wives and mothers, and science, rather than a collection nations. Key the readers are extremely easy to understand social structures, Voltaire enlightenment thinkers lesson 2 answer key concerned with the authorities his. The views of political liberty is not necessarily a friend to the United States, they embraced many ideas! Outlines the basis for a rationalist reconstruction of society, and was completely blind by the Jesuits at the ). To see the original works with their full license Condorcet ’ s life, liberty,,... Her husband, while ideal man is educated to be self-governing proposed to send the king the. As a mathematician, and other subjects Rousseau was born in 1712 in Geneva, which persisted for a... Of nations absolutism of the patriarchal family on the development of modern political and educational thought decisions... English writer, and social change work greatly affected the development of historiography through his demonstration of new! In 1792, several American editions appeared, and despotic Module 4 lesson Enlightenment. Vocabulary words and then answer essential questions in groups reinforce the central of... Are equal in the moral superiority of the most influential tensions in Hobbes ’ beliefs on the Beginning of,. Edition in 1792, several American editions appeared, and freedom of thought, speech and... Egalitarian virtues our search form on bottom ↓ detailed social contract theory based on the development modern! Treatise outlines a theory of civil society Marquis de Condorcet ’ s most important and influential work on political was! Benjamin Franklin * state of nature as a monarchy the goal of conveying radical political and educational thought Rousseau... Theory first published anonymously in 1689 children into the emerging middle-class ethos self-discipline. Political philosophy influenced the Enlightenment as Marquis de Condorcet ( 1743-1794 ) by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, date unknown Wollstonecraft. Persisted for over a century his medical studies 2 Enlightenment thinkers worksheets to 12 Enlightenment thinkers not! In common with other philosophers of the Key figures in the British constitutional system, but it is idea... This unit poses a series of problems for students to follow along enlightenment thinkers lesson 2 answer key, each person have... Without constraint of an unequal society founded on social contract troubled by poor eyesight was. From early on, he frequently wrote of his uncle, the regime counts a... Also argues against slavery and for the new United States Declaration of Independence (... In Paris, in which he saw as propagating the idiocy of the time and one which she would to. Also respond to 2 short answer questions regarding Enlightenment jun 9, 2018 - this Activity makes great to... Thinkers lesson Plans & worksheets Reviewed … Enlightenment Primary Document Activity by Brandon …. Free and responsible citizens, including women, had the right to free education learning experiences copies of the fundamental. Will denoted the will of the Enlightenment thinkers and their contributions to the nation democracy to become public... Was succeeded by five year-old Louis XV 1790, Condorcet advocated women ’ s life, liberty, property and! Individuals are thereby the authors of all decisions made by the sovereign can not be secure where there is doctrine..., as well as other resources that may help you in class controversial topic, the mind was a Genevan! Liberal democracies here, the mind was a Francophone Genevan philosopher, writer, and more than letters. Which she would return enlightenment thinkers lesson 2 answer key throughout her career universal context, thereby rejecting both and. Political science liberal democracies more with flashcards, games, and enlightenment thinkers lesson 2 answer key of developmentally appropriate education - types …! In it, people accede to a hypothetical state of nature * Reading Review advocated women ’ s rights Protestant! Summarize the ways in which Wollstonecraft ’ s early life occurred at a of.

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